Pets are Family.

Pets are Family

You’re the kind of person who wants the best for your dog.

You give them great food. You smile (and roll your eyes a bit) when you get to work and find stray dog hairs on your clothes. You take care of them like they were your child and you maximise your together time. Your dog shows it. Even if they’re like my own two who don’t always listen, they love you unconditionally. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

Vibrant, personality-soaked images let you remember everything you love about them.

I bet there are things you’ve tried to photograph your dog doing and it just didn’t look like you had hoped or had slightly blurry results – or perhaps the background was busy and distracting. The images I create for you will look like your pet belongs on a magazine cover and you’ll feel thrilled when you see them.

Let’s be candid: These four-legged friends of ours do their best but can only light up our lives for so long. Though nothing takes away the sadness when they leave us, it is an indescribable relief when you have images like these to remember them with.

The only sad part of my job is when people tell me they deeply regret not having photos done before their pet passed.

Having experienced this myself with my own fur-family, I know first hand exactly how this can feel.

But booking a photo session isn’t just about that moment five or ten years from now. Whether you want to freeze those too-big-for-their-body puppy paws in time, or have a stunning sunset image of your dog to give you a jolt of joy at work, today is the day to book that session and let me capture images that will make your day, every day.